My Status as an Assassin Obviously Exceeds the Brave's summary:

Akira is just having an usual day at his second year of high school when he and his fellow classmates get sucked into another world through a portal! This fantasy land is called Morigan, and is a world filled with Demons, Humans, Elves and other mystical creatures. As they get debriefed by the King of one of the continents on this strange new land, they were informed that each one of them will have a class, which skills can be conveniently opened and analyzed through a "status bar", and their objective is to train, become stronger, and repel the imminent demon invasion.

Only one of them, however, will be able to become the true.

Akira found out that he got the class and with heavily overpowered stats, surpassing even those of the class. Making use of his shinobi-like skills, including subterfuge, negotiation and stealth, Akira goes into thrilling quests and unveils secrets about this strange new world, including a meeting with a cute Elf girl and others members of a soon-to-be adventuring party where not everything is as it seems...

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