Stairway of Time summary:

Ryu Ji Hoon And Eun Yeon Ah... We were the best couple.<br>The love of youth… crazy and crazy. But that love… I killed him and ruined my life completely. If I can go back to the past, it would do so much… Not to be tied to you. Avoiding you.<br><br>14 years later, in order to change this unfortunate reality of a greater unfortunate situation, Yeonhwa rises to the thirteenth stairway to the past, following a suddenly rising memory. If this is real... she really jumped into the past, will she be able to avoid making this unfortunate mistake again?!<br>32 years old Yi Yeon Ah went back to the past, 14 years ago.<br>Can she really break her relationship with her first love and change her terrible past? Climb with us to the STAIRWAY OF TIME...

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