Inn of Deceiving Stars summary:

After signing a lucrative movie contract, popular actress Bai Ding Ding heads off into the mountains for filming. However, she never could have imagined that what awaited her would be a giant prank -- "The Inn of Deceiving Stars (Qi Xing Inn)," a reality show centered around a historical-style inn specifically designed to deceive Ding Ding into thinking she's travelled to the ancient past.

Having fallen for the ruse, Bai Ding Ding is forced to diligently manage the shady Seven Stars Inn (also read as Qi Xing Inn) in order to survive. Will Ding Ding be able to see through the program's directors and their meticulous plans? What kind of "new life" will begin to play out within the mountainous wilderness?

*PLEASE NOTE* - comic is in wide strip form. When reading, change the reader settings to fit to height.

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